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We provide both standard and custom Display Controller Boards at low prices.  Our specialty includes designing custom boards such as MIPI Controller Boards and ARM Embedded Boards (click for more Info).

- Display Controller Boards:
  * Input: DP, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component, and/or Composite, USB
  * Output: TTL RGB, LVDS, Vx1 (V by One), eDP, MIPI

- Interface Conversion Boards:
 * Input: LVDS, DP
 * Output: MIPI, eDP

- Conversion Boards:
 * 60Hz to 120Hz FRC Board
 * 2D/3D to 3D/ 2D Conversion

- Embedded System Boards: Linux, Android

Please contact our sales team ( for more information and pricing.









The below are some of the available boards.

Model Resolution Input Output Dimension Remark
TTL and LVDS Interface
NCB120E 1920x1080 RGB, Composite TTL, LVDS 145x105x15mm
Poppy-D 1600x1200 RGB, DVI-D, Audio TTL, LVDS 100x150x15mm RS232, LED Driver
Poppy-O2 1920x1080 RGB, DVI-D or HDMI TTL, LVDS 96x96x15mm RS232, LED Driver
UV01DA 1440x900 USB TTL, LVDS 95x60x11mm
LVDS Interface
GH547A 1920x1080 RGB, DVI-D, HDMI, Audio LVDS 150x100x16mm RS32, LED Driver, Photo Sensor
GH550A 1920x1080 RGB, DVI-D LVDS 100x87x8mm Connector-board
GH554A 1280x800 RGB, HDMI LVDS 100x80x16mm
NCB225W 1920x1080 DP LVDS 110x100x13mm RS232
NCB420U 1920x1080 RGB, DVI-D, Composite LVDS 175x115x19mm Optional 3D/ 120Hz conversion board
VCB1078 1920x1080 RGB, DVID-D, Audio LVDS/ eDP 136x134x17mm Dynamic Contrast
VCB1086 1920x1080 RGB, DVI-D LVDS 140x140x18mm Video-wall board
VCB1091 2560X1600 DVI-D (Dual-link), Audio LVDS 135x80X17mm
VCB1100 2048X1152 RGB, DVI-D LVDS 90x65x14mm
VCB1300 2048X1152 RGB, DVI-D, HDMI, Audio LVDS 150x102x16mm RS232
VCB1500 2560X1600 RGB, DVI-D, HDMI, DP, AUDIO, SPDIF LVDS/ eDP 194x120x23mm 120Hz
VCB1501 2560X1600 RGB, DVI-D, HDMI, Audio eDP 185X85X23mm LED Driver
VCB1800 2560X1600 DVI-D, Audio eDP 110x130x14mm
VCB1802 2560X1600 DVI-D (Dual-link) eDP 172x107x14mm LED Driver
Poppy-S2 1920x1080 RGB, DVI-D or HDMI, DP LVDS 100x120x8mm Connector-board, RS232, LED Driver
UV03D02 1920x1080 USB LVDS 100x90x14mm
UA01D0X 2048x1152 USB DVI-I 79x44x13mm USB DisplayLink Adapter
MIPI Interface
MPFH2 1080x1920 DVI-D, HDMI MIPI 113x69x20mm RS232, daughter board
MPFH3 1080x1920 HDMI MIPI 78x62x8mm daughter board
MPQD-DP 1440x2560
DP MIPI 75x50x8mm
MPQD-HM 1440x2560
HDMI MIPI 125x17x8mm
4K Interface
VCB1340 4096X2160 HDMI, DP(MST) LVDS, Vx1, eDP 200x130x16mm RS232,
VSB4KFRC for Vx1 16-lane LCD
Interface Conversion
MPPSeDP 1920x1080 DP eDP 75x50x8mm
MIPI2848 1080x1920 LVDS MIPI (4-lane) 90x50x15mm
VCB1081 1920x1080 LVDS eDP 110x65x15mm
Conversion Board
VCB1801 1920x1080 LVDS LVDS 63x62x9mm 2D/3D to 3D/2D
NSBFRC 1080x1920 LVDS LVDS 90x50x15mm 60Hz to 120Hz
VSB4KFRC 3840x2160 Vx1 or LVDS Vx1 160x140x14mm 60Hz to 120Hz
VSB3DFRC 1920x1080 LVDS LVDS 95x84x18mm 60Hz to 120Hz
2D/3D to 3D/2D
Embedded System Boards
HW1440P 1440x2560 HDMI (1920x1080) MIPI (8-lane) 113x69x22mm 4-core ARM
VDP-210L 2048x1152 LVDS 138x78x20mm 2-core ARM
01/16/16 - Signet CNK has introduced full line of Display Solutions. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Please contact our sales team for more information.

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